Passionate about the future, so we're building it.

We at DXLabs are driven by a deep sense of hopeful curiosity for our future.  How can we leverage extraordinary technologies to create lasting, positive change for everyone, not just a lucky few?  Our answer: DX Ventures.

DX Ventures crosses the edge of science with our toughest challenges to produce inspirational and impactful design solutions.  Our hope is to forge ahead into the brighter and more inclusive future we want to see while igniting a global trend of impact awareness.

Our first ventures are focused re-imagining the role of municipalities and how we can respond more effectively to environmental disasters.

We're always looking for talented humans to help in our efforts. Whether you be an engineer, artist, designer, or scientist, we're looking for people who are passionate about building a better future. Contact us and let us know how you might be able to help!

/ Current Projects


Future of Forestfighting

What if we could better predict and fight forest fires?



What if we could enable a new era of fulfilling work with tele-robotics?

(Seeking experts in gaming UX, HCI, and robotics)


Tsunami Relief

What if our cities could respond smarter to tsunamis and save lives?

(Seeking experts in inflatable robotics, iOT, and planetary science)