Our Work

Let's be intentional about the future we create

We believe that technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and mixed reality will change the way humans live, work, and interact. Our partners believe, as we do, that it is our responsibility to build towards a future that is beneficial for as many people as possible, not just an elite few.

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Drive an underwater robot manage and share content.
Robotic telecommunications platform.
Superpowering real estate with AI.
Unmanned aerial vehicle traffic management system
Long-range drone with data capturing payload
An exploration of a smart constructions app
Urban Vision Alliance
Bringing street homelessness to an end
Intel Insight
An enterprise platform for drone data management and analysis.
Local Motion
Connecting fleets of vehicles for corporations.
Healthcare gets emotional
Making healthy food affordable
Eatsa is a restaurant operating system built to streamline operations and deliver amazing customer experience
Our clients /
Betabox Labs
The future of learning is now
Betabox engages every student with hands-on STEAM learning experiences, right from their school's parking lot.
What we do /
We provide the space to think big and tools to start small.
We believe exponential technologies like AI, automation, VR, and mixed reality will transform our usual ways of thinking, behaving, and relating to one another. Our mission is to leverage these technologies with design to empower and enrich the lives of many people, not just an elite few.
Remote Workshops
Superpower remote teams

We’ve perfected our remote workshops be fun and engaging while also delivering incredible results.

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Remote Workshops
Superpower your remote team
Futurecasting Sprint
Craft your long-term vision

A strategic workshop for crafting your long-term vision using science fiction and connecting it with actions you can take today.

Futurecasting Sprint
Craft your vision and roadmap
Growth Sprint
Go exponential.

Audit your marketing initiatives with growth experts and identify new opportunities.

Growth Sprint
Discover paths to scalable growth
UX Design
Experience matters.

From drone piloting software to augmented reality apps, we love designing generation experiences with exponential technologies.

UX Design
Design a next-gen user experience
Industrial Design
Making it real.

Whether it's a smart space or an underwater robot, we love designing physical products and services.

Industrial Design
Build a physical product or space
Top notch implementation.

Whether it's enterprise drone software, or augmented reality apps, we love developing new products and services.

Build a next-gen product or service