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When healthcare gets emotional.

The future of wellness is data

Bayer is putting data science to work on facial recognition and advanced voice detection for someone's emotion analysis. Often times mood can be an early indicator of psychological side effects to medication and drugs.


Often times mood can be an early indicator of physical or psychological ailments and side effects to medication and drugs. Taking in things such as mouth shape, vocal tone, degree of pain, we can help you understand how you’re feeling.


Live facial recognition and audio tracking to read-between-the-lines and decipher meaning into what your body is saying. Coupled with a custom pain intensity tracker, we can analyze the facial and audio data to produce a daily mood report and summary.


The Bayer MeMood app is designed to collect and track your moods through advanced audio and facial emotion analysis. Through an innovative custom mood calendar, we can track a patient’s mood over time and predict potential health risk through changes in mood. Users can simply look and talk into the phone while tracking pain intensity, while the algorithms produce a robust mood score analysis and report.

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