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The Futurecasting Sprint is a 6-hour strategic workshop that creates the space to think big and describe what long-term success looks like. The result is like a secret weapon: a north star that aligns your team, investors, and customers and allows them to operate with improved confidence, passion, and autonomy.

The most successful teams are able to think long-term with clarity and confidence. However, this can be difficult when you're used to operating quarter to quarter and responding to the needs of the present. Long-term thinking requires a different mindset. You must have the courage to suspend disbelief, the creativity to imagine new futures, and the skills to communicate vision in a way that inspires action. The Futurecasting Sprint helps cultivate these abilities in your team.

This workshop is broken up into two 3 hour sessions where we take you through a series of exercises to get your vision clearer. These exercises aren't about making lofty predictions, they're about understanding the impact you would like to create. After all, if we don't know what we want, we're unlikely to get it.

We'll start with a discussion to identify key trends that your team thinks will shape the future you intend to build in 10 to 15 years. Then, you'll define a moonshot statement that describes long-term success in a way that would feel like an achievement for humanity. Then, we'll discuss what motivates each person on the team to reach success. Everyone has different motivations, and the better you can understand the big "why" that everyone brings to the table, the more energy will be harnessed towards making success happen.

You'll then work with leading hackers, hustlers, and designers to define what you might build to achieve your moonshot. What would you build given unlimited resources? To answer this question, we have to shed the constraints of today and dust off our imaginations. This is where working with our conceptual artist will help unlock creative confidence in your team by getting their visions tangible.

Then, to bring these ideas to life, we'll co-create a science fiction narrative and tell a story about your solution's impact on people's lives. This story will help us think through the following questions:

* What would a world where you achieve your moonshot look like? 

* Who might be effected most positively? 

* Who might be effected negatively? 

Telling a story about how your moonshot might impact people's lives will help make it more inspiring, motivating, and impactful.

Finally, we'll define key results so that you can chart a path from here to where you're going and measure your success over the long term. Key results are a great tool to know whether we're on track towards achieving our moonshot. They also let us know when we've achieved our moonshot.

We believe that long-term thinking isn't just reserved for elite entrepreneurs or futurists. Anyone can speculate about the future! This workshop gives your team a new set of tools that can be leveraged for long term planning. Our partners believe, as we do, that it's our responsibility to build a future that benefits as many people as possible, not just an elite few. The more we can cultivate the ability to think long term, the better the outcomes will be for people and our planet.

Ready to turn the long-term vision you've crafted into a reality? The Retrocasting Sprint helps break down your vision into achievable yet ambitious milestones and a roadmap of experiments. We combine long-term planning activities with lean-startup methodologies to help you craft a strategy that's robust, adaptive, and effective.

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DXLabs partners with companies who believe, as we do, in leveraging technology to empower and enrich the lives of many people. Our clients come to us for our talent, vision and our values. To learn more, request a free consultation through this form:
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  • Future world definition
  • Moonshot statement
  • Key motivators
  • Long-term solution hypothesis
  • Sci-fi narrative outline of your vision
  • Key results to measure long-term success
  • Digitized workshop outputs


  • Accommodates teams of 2 to 10.
  • Note: We recommend key decision makers and stakeholders attend.
  • Note: This is a remote workshop, so it's best if each of your participants have a strong internet connection, web cam, and decent microphone.

Add ons

  • Professional Sci-Fi author speaker
  • Subject matter expert speaker
  • Illustrated sci-fi story written with the workshop outputs
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Meet your co-conspirators

We’re hackers, hustlers, and designers with a healthy disregard for the impossible.

CEO @ DXLabs, former aerospace engineer turned product designer, Co-Founder at Flux.ai, Design Partner at Singularity University


Educator at Stanford d.school. Design Strategist at Women's World Banking


Executive Director, Replenish Earth


Product and marketing consultant for GreenTech, B2B SaaS, and remote sensing. DroneDeploy, LinkedIn, Bizo


Founding team, knowledge sommelier @Singularity University


Futures researcher & futurist designer. Past clients include Microsoft, Google, Nike, Universal, DreamWorks, BBC, Telefonica, Tata, MTN


Product Designer, World Builder & Storyteller, Design Parter @DXLabs


Co-Founder and CEO at Helix Nanotechnologies, Science Fiction Author of The Quantum Thief, The Fractal Prince


Conceptual Designer @ DXLabs, Singularity University


Futurist, Product Designer, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Singularity University


Author, Founder, Chief Narrative Officer Spatial Shift and Back to Space


Creative Technologist, Tesla, Autodesk, IDEO Collab


Designer and Strategist in the Arts, Cultural Production, and Social Innovation sectors, Co-founder @ Nomadic Labs

“The Futurecasting Sprint was a highly engaging way to bring us all around our big vision and understand what it takes to get there. It’s taken a load off our shoulders now that we will have better decision making, better strategy, better pitching, and easier alignment.”
Jason Ham
Senior Product Designer at Etsy

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